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Strategic Project

Certified Business Management Expert (CBME) Strategic Plan

The Certified Business Management Expert (CBME) Program requires participants to complete a Strategic Business Management Plan in order to graduate from the program. 

This plan is worth 100 points and accounts for 50% of the total grade within the program. As such, non-submission of this strategic plan will result in an automatic failing grade for the CBME program.

Once you have completed this project, please send it and your request to take your desired exam date at least 2 weeks before the scheduled exam date using this form: Schedule Your Exam. To schedule yourself for an exam date, this project must be received, completed, at least 2 weeks before the exam date. For example, to take the October 10th exam date, this project must be received (as well as a request to take the exam) no later than September 26th.


This strategic project is going to attempt to directly apply what you have been learning within this program to your current business management position and career.

Part A. Please complete a One Page Strategic Plan for your current or desired employer.  If the company has over $100M in revenue please choose a single division or business unit within their overall business to simplify this exercise.

If you are not currently employed you may choose a publicly traded corporation such as E-Trade, GM, or Google to create a one pager for by accessing publicly available annual reports and their public website.

Worksheet: To complete this strategic project you will need to use the Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan Worksheet found here: http://mygazelles.com/one-page_new.html

Part B. Use Jim Collins’ Hedgehog Concept to determine the three circles and their intersection for both your own career and your current or potential employer.  The result should be two separate discussions of where your personal and the company’s 3 circles intersect and how that can help you make higher quality decisions in the future.